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Annual Reports
Annual Report 2006-2007 Back


New Life is a Society registered under the Societies Act, 1860. The organization works for the development of women and children. The mission of New Life is to mainstream the women and children who are far behind in socio-economic status.


New Life is being managed by a committed board headed by the President, Mr. C. Peter Rex Charly. He is being supported by the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja, Vice President, Mr. T. K. Venkatesh and Treasurer and Public Health Specialist, Mrs. M.Gayathri. The other EC members are Child Development Trainer Mrs. Pauline and Software Engineer Mr. Vijay Lourdhu Nathan and Mr. Lakshmipathi, a famous marketing consultant. Gender is given importance and 42% of the committee comprises of women. Also 14%of the board is represented by the community by Mrs. M. Gayathri. Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja and Mr. Peter Rex Charly are in the field for more than 15 years.


In its endeavour to develop the socio-economic status of women and children, New Life undertook the following activities:

Ensured Childhood to the Children of People in Conflict with Law in Trichy District:

During the current year four early childhood education centers were run in Thideer Nagar, Pillaima Nagar(Uppu Parai), Kaja Nagar and Kaja Pettai, supported by Terre des Hommes, Netherlands. The centers are run for the children of people in conflict with law in Trichy District. On a whole 100 children are benefited by the centers, while the project aims at improving the lifestyles of the target 299 families. 58 children were admitted to standard 1 in June 2006 from the centers. 9 drop out children in the age group of 9 to 13 was admitted to non-formal schools and 21 drop out children was admitted to formal schools. 10 youth were admitted to vocational trainings with the financial support from the organization and 15 children were financially supported to continue their education. 15 women underwent family planning operation motivated by our staff. 530 women are organized into groups and are taught income generation activities, sensitized on various issues like sex, law, health, environment, hygiene, etc. The community is motivated to work in harmony by conducting play melas and celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day and Women’s Day.

Rehabilitation of Child Labour:

Six Special schools are run in Trichy District for the children who are made labourers. This project benefits 182 children in Arangoor, Musiri, Kamatchipatti, Amoor, Kodiyampalayam and Ariyamangalam. The children who are engaged as labourers in agricultural activities, mat weaving, waste paper collecting, food processing and other industries are admitted to the special schools run for them and are motivated to learn. After a year or two, based on their capability to cope with other children they are admitted to regular schools. During the current year 109 children are admitted to regular schools. Besides formal education, they are also taught vocations like tailoring, craft, etc. yoga, music and dance. The project is funded by CHEERS of Trichy District Administration. "Nila Palli”s were conducted on the Full Moon Day to create awareness among the parents about child Labours in Kodiampalayam and Arangoor.

Grant Received Details:

Name of the Agency 2006-07(Amount) Purpose
Terre des Homes –Nether lands-Grant 1056899 Ensured Childhood to the children of people in conflict with law
CHEERS-Trichirappalli 383404 Child Labour
TNLWD 13050 Motivation Camp Child Labours
TNCDW-Chennai 12490 Mahalir Thittam Project

Case Study:

Manikandan is now the proud college going student of Sandhapalayam village. Not only the entire village which is situated near Musiri taluk is talking about his achievement but the district administration too is proud of him.

Born to a father working in a tea stall for daily wages and a mother who rears livestock for daily wage, he has 2 sisters. The inadequate family income forced Manikandan (who was 10 years at that time), the eldest child, to go with his mother for coolie work rather than to school. The meager additional income was a big support to the family. This condition went on for more than a year. However his thirst for learning was not put off.

This pathetic condition and his longing to learn was brought to the notice of the staff of New Life’s Child Labour special school. The teacher went to the grazing field and talked with Manikandan’s mother. It was very difficult to counsel both the parents and convince them to send Manikandan to the special school. At last the staff succeeded in bringing him to the school. He was admitted in 6th standard in the special school and he was outstanding in all the subjects.

The family cooperated with New Life since Manikandan was supported by a stipend and his mother was made to join a self help group. After a year, his mother was given a loan to buy 5 goats. The family income is raised.

Manikandan was admitted to the regular school in the 7th standard. The New Life staff continuously followed up his family and saw that he did not drop out. He came with flying colours in the higher secondary examinations with 1094 marks (in March 2007). His efforts were well appreciated by the District Collector. The New Life team took efforts to admit him in the college (the college fees was paid by mobilizing donations) and now he is a happy and proud student of a famous college in Trichy District

Livelihood Promotion Programme:

In the path of achieving its aim to mainstream the women, New Life’s Livelihood Promotion Program plays a major role. The organization has helped its self help group members to get a credit to the tune of Rs.33.75 Lakhs in the current year from various nationalized banks and as a result 400 women have either started their own micro-enterprise or utilized the amount as working capital for their existing enterprises.

Micro Insurance:

The lives of the poor women and their counterparts who are engaged in risk bearing coolie works are insured against risk. The organization works in collaboration with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd., and HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. During this year 761 lives are covered.

Organic Farming:

Farmers are grouped for practising the principles of organic cultivation for sustaining their farm operations. The farmers so grouped are trained in organic farming principles by the staff for producing chemical free organic food. The programme benefits 160 farmers in Musiri Block in the year 2006-2007.

Special Seminar for Child Labours:

Two special seminars were conducted to the child labourers. The programme was jointly organized by New Life, Regional Directorate Central Board for Workers Education, Madurai, and National Child Labour Project. 80 drop outs attended this seminar from Ariyamangalam, Kodiyampalayam, Arangoor, Aamoor and Ramagiripatti. The programme motivated the children to continue their studies. Motivating competitions, games and film shows were conducted. Eminent persons from Human Resource, Education and Psychological sector were the resource persons.

Notes on Salary and other monetary benefits paid to the BODs/Senior Management staff for the year 2006-2007:

Salary and benefits:

During the financial year 2006-2007, the highest Salary paid per employee is Rs.8800/-per month. It is paid to Miss.D.Nithya co-ordinator of the Creche Project and the minimum salary of the financial year is Rs.400/-(as per the budget approved by the Project funder- State Governement Department) for the Care taker of CHEERS Project her name is Mrs.Amutha. The Board of Directors of the organization during this financial year had neither received salary nor enjoyed any other benefits from the organization.

Travel Cost of the Year:

There is no International Travel in this Year. The Travel expenses within the country for training programmes, Conferences, Campaigns and the conveyance expenses of the project staff within the Project area during this year is Rs.127474.35/-

List of Board Members of New Life for the year 2006-2007

S.No Name Designation Address
1 Mr.C. Peter Rex Charly President C-20,4th Cross, N.E.Extn., Thillai Nagar, Trichirappalli-620018
2 Mr.T.K.Venkatesh Vice - President No.12, Nehru Street, Srirangam, Trichirappalli-620006
3 Mrs.F. Beatrice Vanaja Secretary No.2,17th Cross, 5th Main Road, Srinivasa Nagar, Trichirappalli-620017
4 Mrs.M.Gayathri Treasurer No. 15/2, Vellaler Street, Thandankorai, Trichy - 621218
5 Mr.Lakshmipathy EC Member C-181, 8th Cross, Thillai Nagar, Trichirappalli-620018
6 Mrs.Pauline EC Member 2/256,Teachers Colony, Viraganoor, Madurai.
7 Mr. Vijay Lourdhu Nathan EC Member 131- VOC Street, Ponmalai Patti, Trichirappalli. 620004