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Annual Reports
Annual Report 2011-2012 Back

Text Box: 2011-2012Text Box: Annual Report of New Life




No.7, 3rd Cross, 5th Main Road, Srinivasa Nagar, Trichy-620017



VISION  : Empowered civil society in marginalized community ensuring human rights.

MISSION: To bring the poor women and their children into the main stream of economy and thereby make them participate in the process of nation building. New Life is committed in building up a civil society based on equity and social justice where women, children and youth are the leaders of social change.














Dear friends,


I am proud to present to you the annual report of New Life for the year 2011-2012.


This annual report tries to bring before you the major significant events and achievements of New Life. This does not mean that it has covered all that is being done and brings forth the efforts taken by the team of New Life which is tremendous when compared to that presented to you. 


This year had been an eventful year. Significant amendments have been made in the FCRA and Service Tax Act which has posed a serious challenge to the voluntary sector. New Life is striving hard to maintain the standards to satisfy its supporters and also the various legislators.


Last but not least, I take the privilege to express our gratitude to all our funders, donors, volunteers and supporters. I assure you that our team will do our utmost to justify the trust you have in New Life.


Enjoy reading!


                     Mr. C. Peter Rex Charly




New Life is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 24.06.1993.


The organization is also registered under the FCRA Act, 1976. The registration No. is 010140146 on 04.01.1995.


The Memorandum and Articles of the organization are available on request.


New Life is registered under the Income Tax Act under Section 12AA vide No.89/2003-2004 of C.No.6162 E (151) /2002-03 /CIT-1/TRY dated 16.01.2004 issued by CIT-1, Trichirappalli.


Donations to New Life qualify for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide certificate of exemption no. C.No.6162 E (151)/CIT-1/TRY/2002-03 dated 23/12/08 issued by CIT-1, Trichirappalli.


Our FCRA account is with State Bank of India, Chittoor Branch, Savings Account Number 10859744472 and the local account is with ICICI Bank, Thillainagar Branch, Savings Account  Number 613401160557


Contact us at:


Phone: 91-431-2782726


Visit us at:



New Life’s Organogram


                         Community                                                   Stakeholders            



















PRESIDENT:  Mr. C. Peter Rex Charly, No.2, 7th cross, Srinivasa Nagar, Trichirapalli-17  Mr. C. Peter Rex Charly hails from a well-known business family in Trichy district. He resigned his coveted banking career to serve the poor. He is an eminent scholar, human resource specialist and a lawyer. He strongly believes that it is "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. S. Selvaraj, Flat 21, 3rd floor, Majestic Apartment, Contonment, Trichirapalli- 1. Being a retired banker, he has rich experience of working with farmers and the rural community. He is an expert in proposal writing and project preparation.

SECRETARY/ CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja, No.2, 7th cross, Srinivasa Nagar, Trichirapalli-17. She worked in a nationalized bank and resigned her coveted banking career for her passion to work with women and children. She has 18 years of experience with children and women. Her dream is to have a crime free community and to ensure child rights to all the children we work for.


TREASURER: Mrs. M. Gayathri, 2/15, Vellalar street, Thandankorai, Lalgudi T.k, Trichirapalli. She is a Community Representative in the Board. Started


her role in the organization as a self help group member, she upgraded herself to be chosen for the board and serve as the treasurer.


1. Mr. R. Subburayan, 5, Thilagar Street,  5th Main Road, Srinivasa Nagar, Trichirapalli – 17. He was in the board of a trust called Hansa Niwas Foundation. He has more than 17 years of experience in social work. He adopted 10 orphans personally and helping them have a safe and secure life including education.

2. Mr. S. Muthuraman, 4/1, 5th Cross St, Paramasivapuram, Lalgudi T.k, Trichirapalli. He is the past president of the Lion’s club, Trichy City. He is interested in development work and had been associating with New Life for the last 6 years.

3. Mr. C. Mansoor, 7/2, I Main, II Cross, MSR Nagar, Bangalore-560054 He is a software professional working in Bangalore. He is the Project Head of the New Life’s Karnataka chapter. There he leads the projects which benefits the children like health camps, supporting the orphans, advocacy against misuse of public property, etc. His association with the organisation started as a volunteer in 2008.


  • New Life has a Board Rotation Policy in place and practices it.


  • The Board approves the programmes, budgets, annual reports and audited financial statements.


  • The Board ensures the organization’s compliance with the laws and regulations of the country.











Mr. Ponnambalam

Mr. Ravichandran

Mr. Mohankumar

Mr. Subbiah

Mr. Balaji

Mr. Elavarasan

Mr. Amirtharaj

Master. Vignesh

Mr. Karthikeyan

Mrs. Vaidegi

Miss. Rajvi

Mrs. Sangeetha

Miss. Amitha Banu

Mrs. Yaso Thiru

And online volunteers





Mr. Clement, London

Mrs. Tanya Afroze, Bangladesh

Miss. Sangeetha, Bharathi dasan University, Orathanadu.





*       Terre des Homes, Netherlands

*       NELINDCO, India

*       Microgramm, Chennai

*       CHEERS, Trichy Collectorate.

*       Regional Directorate Central Board for Workers Education, Madurai

*       Global Giving, USA

*       Godparents, India.

*       Give India, Mumbai.

*       PWD, Trichy, Thanjavur

*       Credibility Alliance, Mumbai

*       SaDhan, New Delhi

*       VANI, New Delhi

*       ICICI Foundation

*       CARE India, Chennai

*       Gryphane Associates, Trichy.

*       Syndicate Bank- Amoor

*       State Bank of India – Musiri.

*       City Union Bank – Jeyankondam.

*       Oriental Bank of commerce.

*       Members of our SHG family.

*       Our beneficiaries







Ensured Childhood to the Children of People in Conflict with Law in Trichy District (ECCP Project):

The programme is implemented since 2004 in 6 slums identified as crime prone by the Trichy Police (Ariyamangalam, Uppuparai, Kaja Pettai, Vamadam, Kodappu, and Sathiyamoorthy Nagar) in  Trichirappalli District, Tamilnadu. The programme aims at bringing up the children in these vulnerable areas as the best citizens of the country. A holistic approach is adopted to work with the 2152 families in these six slums.

Rehabilitation of Prisoners:

Since 1997 Rehabilitation of prisoners is one of the prestigious programme implemented by the organization. Rehabilitation includes training them in income generation skills and counseling them besides providing support to their families who are suffering outside the prison.

Child Development Program:

Poor, deserving children who are orphaned, semi-orphaned, deserted, and extremely poor or whose parent is inside the prison are taken care of in the residential homes run by New Life since 2008. Children are provided with health, education and psychological support. The children are made to feel at home by the affectionate and tender care given to them by the team of New Life. The children above the age of six are admitted to the Higher Secondary School. The children below the age of six are sent to the nursery.

The Karnataka Chapter of New Life has conducted 7 medical camps in Bangalore district and this has benefitted 1364 children in the year 2011-2012.

Ensured child rights to the abandoned children:

The programme gives support to the children to educate them by financially supporting them. Drop outs were identified and admitted in schools through NFE centres.

Leadership programmes are conducted to motivate the children and to develop their communication skills and personality.

New Life is also supporting the children of gypsy community (narikuravars) who live in the habitation in Devarayaneri. Support is provided in the form of coaching classes, day care center, financial support for school education, etc. Staffs who facilitate the children are from the same community.

The rights of children who were abused were also ensured by New Life. Physical and sexual abuses are addressed. The children’s rights of not to get publicized, not to work, sexual abuse and their right against violence, etc. were addressed.

Special School for Child Labour:

The special schools are run for the children between the age of 9 to 14 (dropouts and non-starters) who are working in the Mat Industry, Weaving Industry, Match Industry, fortune telling, etc. The CHEERS of the Trichy District Administration supports the project. The project aims at providing Non-formal education to the Child Laborers and enrolling these children in the regular schools. Besides this, the project also aims at enriching the children by training them on music (vocal), games, tailoring, and by teaching them yoga and moral values.

Livelihood promotion to poor Women:

The poor women from the BPL category and their wards, irrespective of caste, creed and religion are the target segments in the multi-various activities being carried out by New Life. The total number of members benefited by the various programs of the organization as of March 2012 is 28560 (1320 groups) from Trichy, Karur, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Tiruvarur, Pudukkotai, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Thanjavur and Pattukkottai districts.

Senior citizens were provided with food and day care in our home in Naachi Kurichi. These elderly people spend their time in the mornings with their friends of the same age and have a full meal apt to their appetite. 

Mentorship Programme through Affinity Association of Self Help Groups:

New Life, through its community owned association structures known as Affinity Association of Self Help Groups (AA of SHGs), plays an active role in promoting and providing assistance to motivated, capable womenfolk. The AA of SHGs is community based group comprised of women leaders who manage the financial needs of the individuals within their community. Community based Affinity Association is one of the most effective way in channeling the support to the borrowers. The AA of SHGs is responsible for gathering and validating the needs of the members.  

The field mentor would be the bridge between the online mentors and the entrepreneur on the field. Potential borrowers are evaluated by our field mentor and then the mentor decides on the best candidate to work with us. She would then approach the consultancy team and submit the proposal for suggestions/advice from our expert team. Once AA of SHGs screens the plan and deems it fit for mentoring, we throw it open to the experts. The expert team would go through the case details and decide to advice our entrepreneur, in case they have the expertise in the relevant field. Once the connection has been established there would be a detailed documentation of the entire process, which has to be done by the field mentor herself. AA of SHGs would periodically / at the end of the process, evaluate the effort as well as the impact.

Health programme:

The members are given subsidized consultation by the Physician in our Board and a Gynecologist on obtaining the Health Card issued by the organization. Besides this, health camps are conducted in coordination with the leading physicians and hospitals like Dr.Satheesh, Vaaladi, G.V. Nursing Home and Mano Priya Gynaecological Clinic.

Social Security Programme:

The project was designed to cover the health risks of the population (women, men and children of the vulnerable sections) in Trichirappalli, Perambalur and Nagapattinam District with special reference to those suffering from Terminal Illness in order to provide them HOSPICE/PALLIATIVE care.

The rural populations in these revenue districts besides the people living in the urban slums of Trichirappalli town were the targeted beneficiaries of the project. The age group that is covered is from 25 to 75 years.


Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water-Bodies Restoration and Management (IAMWARM) Project:

The IAMWARM project converges with all line departments. The project aims to improve the service delivery in the selected sub-basins and productivity of irrigated agriculture with effective integrated water resources management. The project covers Trichy & Pudukottai districts.


ACHIEVEMENTS  2011-2012:

ECCP Project:

      a) 156/400 in ELCs and coaching classes have acquired age appropriate skills and



b)    The intensity of the behavior problems of 59/534 children got reduced.

c)    188/340 is with enhanced self esteem, when we analysed the children in coaching class and Juvenile Delinquents

d)    42/200 children have scored above 70% in age appropriated reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

e)    4 children were reintegrated with community and prevented from juvenile delinquency.

f)    119/335 children achieved social and emotional quotient.

g)    21 have reduced anti-social tendencies.

h)    49 have attained the ability based social quotient.

Rehabilitation of Prisoners:

During the year 2011-12, 56 female prisoners were trained in washing powder making, incense powder making (Sambrani making), candle making. 25 male prisoners in the Central Prison, Trichy were given training on screen printing. Psychological counseling is given to the prisoners and their families. 2829 persons were counseled.

Child Development Program:

55 children are in the homes this year and are provided with safe childhood.

Ensured child rights to the abandoned children:

a)    334 were provided with education support to the tune of Rs.1728790/- And Rs.7780/- in kind. This year 273 children were supported in primary level, 38 for high school and 19 for higher secondary and 4 for college education.

b)    61 drop outs were identified and 46 were admitted in schools through NFE centres. 5 programmes conducted and 112 children motivated.

c)    113 narikuravar children are provided with supplementary education support.

d)    In this year 73 child abuse cases were addressed besides protecting the interests of 281 child labourers.

Special School for Child Labour:

281 child labourer children were benefitted the special schools. 78 of them were mainstreamed. The project had benefited a total of 1594 children, out of which 985 children had been mainstreamed and admitted to regular schools.

Livelihood promotion to poor Women:

79 SHG members started their small income generation ventures and selling the goods and are earning an additional income of Rs.1135/- per month. We have hopes they can earn upto Rs.2500/- per month if persistent.

267 were given financial support to start micro businesses, for working capital, educating their children, redeeming loans, medical purposes, etc.

31 deserted women were supported by donors to start small businesses.

The Self Help Group members residing in urban slums and rural areas have mobilized savings of over Rs.3122.42 Lakhs and have absorbed over Rs.1123.7 Lakhs as financial support for various opportunities for improving their standard of living, supported by various development institutions and nationalized banks. Out of this, as on March 2012; the direct assistance by the organization is Rs. 41.05 Lakhs.        

25 senior citizens were provided with food and day care in our home.

Mentorship Programme through Affinity Association of Self Help Groups:

76 women are provided with mentorship assistance.

The women from narikuravar community participated and sold their beaded jewellery in the exhibition NGO India 2012 held in the Epicenter, Gurgaon, New Delhi.

Health programme:

9126 members are given subsidized consultation by the Physician in our Board and a Gynecologist on obtaining the Health Card issued by the organization. 3 health camps are conducted. 436 children were checked for water borne and faecal borne diseases and vitamin deficiency .139 children attained age and ability appropriate height and weight. 57 children reduced their vitamin deficiency. 47 children reduced their mineral deficiency. 135 children have their HB level at 11-16 g/dl. All the 44 deliveries in the six slums were safe deliveries. No women have early pregnancies.6 children with chronic illnesses were supported to get medicines and nutritious food.

Social Security Programme:

Under this Project 12842 women and 513 men beneficiary’s risk on lives covered beneficiary’s risks on lives covered. 1423 beneficiaries are covered under Health Insurance.

The nomadic (narikuravars) gypsies who have not heard of insurance were also covered by health and life insurance due to the efforts of our team. 162 gypsies were provided with the health insurance cover.



Few Clients We Worked With:

Rameela (name changed), 13 years old, born to a prostitute mother and a father who fetches business for his wife, is cursed to take care of herself.  Born with a brother (working in a fish shop) she has to earn for her living by packing grocery items in a nearby factory. She was earning Rs.30/- per day. She is not happy, deprived of the care and affection she should get as a child.

It was then she was seen by the special school teacher of New Life. The teacher told about her to the counselor and the counselor met her parents. It took much time to counsel them and even the child to make her come to the special school. The child lacked motivation, interest and had fear to come to school. She was repeatedly counseled and after 5 months efforts she joined the school.

In the beginning she was irregular to the school. But now she never misses a class. The New Life team is happy that her right to education has been protected. And we are taking efforts to see that her good education and thus a legal employment. 

Geetha (name changed), a 14 year old girl was raped by her boy friend and his friends. Our counselor met the family and took efforts to fight the case against the three youth. The counselor counseled the girl and succeeded in helping the child overcome the stress she is facing due to the rape. She is taught to face the life with courage and confidence.

Newton (name changed) is an intelligent boy living in Kajapettai. He is a good student and hard worker. He wrote his 10th standard public exams in 2010 and was waiting for his results. It was at that time fire burnt his hut and the meager assets they had. He was at home when the hut got fire and ran out of home. This accident affected him mentally and after that he shrank and is not as outspoken and friendly as before. He remained in silence and seclusion. His concentration on studies also became low. He started scoring very low marks.

The counselor counseled him and found that he required psychiatric counseling. His parents were advised to take him to the psychiatrist. He was taken there and is undergoing counseling.

The teacher in the school, knowing his problem, started abusing him. She was scolding him always and mistreating him. So Nelson was not willing to go to school.

His mother met our counselor and told about the behavior of the teacher and asked for guidance. Our counselor met the teacher and talked to her. Efforts are taken to change the attitude of the teacher.

Newton is also counseled to overcome his fear and the parents are advised to continue the treatment.

Anitha and Karnan (names changed) got married before 3 years. Their marriage is a love marriage; they came out of home and married.


Their life was very happy during the first 2 years except that they didn’t have a child. After that Karnan started blaming Anitha that she is not able to give birth to a child. Karnan has an illegal affair with his cousin and wants to marry her without divorcing Anitha. Hence he is torturing Anitha.


The case is brought to the notice of our team. When the counselor talked to Anitha we found that she loves her husband very much and continues to believe that her husband won’t marry another lady. Our New Life team is trying to counsel her husband so that he stops torturing Anitha and continue to live with her.

Raj is a one and a half year old child. He had problem while urinating. He had this problem since he was 11 months old. His parents took him to the hospital and he was diagnosed to have Hernia and he had to undergo a surgery. Since they are illiterates, they were afraid to do surgery and kept Raj in home without undergoing any treatment. Our health worker identified their problem and counseled them. Even though they were not ready to take treatment in the beginning, after continuous counseling they accepted to undergo surgery. Now Raj is operated and is living without any difficulties.

Maheswari is a 10 years old girl. She is studying 5th standard in New Life’s special school now.  Her father’s name is S. Sekar.  He is selling ice creams in Karur. He never takes care of Maheswari.  Three years before Maheswari’s mother died.   After that Maheswari had to live with her grandmother.  Grandmother did not send Maheswari to school, asked her to do household works and sent her for rag picking. 

During her leisure times Maheswari will be wandering in the streets and playing. New Life staff saw her spending her childhood like this and talked with her. She expressed her interest to study. Then we had to counsel her grandmother who was very reluctant to admit Maheswari to the special school. After continuous counselling Maheswari is now admitted in New Life’s special school for child labourers in Ukkadai.  In the beginning she was not able to read or write.  She is studying in our school for two years.  Now she can read newspapers and others books also.  She helps younger children to read and write. She is much interested in handwork. 

Since she is picking up her studies quickly we hope she will be admitted to the sixth standard next year. So many such children could be helped to get educated with the noble support from people like you.


Rs.30223/- in kind donations were received for the child development programme. The things received were: Bed sheet, Slate, Note Book, School Bag, Pencil Box, Pencil, Eraser, Scale, Sketch, Learning materials, Paste, Brush, Shampoo, Soaps, Dresses, Crackers, Water Drum, Desks, Emergency lamp, Grocery items, Lunch, Eatables, etc.


  1. No remuneration, sitting fees or any other form of compensation has been paid to the Board members during the year 2011-2012.


  1. Rs.34770/- was reimbursed towards local conveyance to the board members.


  1. CAO’s remuneration is Rs.0.00 (Nil)


  1. During the financial year 2011-2012, the highest Salary (with perquisites) paid to an employee is Rs. 25000/-per month.


  1. The minimum salary of the financial year is Rs.2000/- per month.


  1. The Board of Directors of the organization during this financial year had neither received salary nor enjoyed any other benefits from the organization.



April 2011

New Life got accredited under the desirable norms of Credibility Alliance in the month of April 2012. The certification is valid upto March 2016.The organization had to undergo a vigorous process for accreditation. Field visits were conducted by the representatives of voluntary sector.  We thank all our supporters, well wishers and staff for making it possible.


May 2011

A team of three visited Srilanka for consultation to the Association of OL Qualified Umemployed Youth, Panadura, Srilanka. The association is providing micro finance services.


Process Audit by Ar. Sankarlal representing NELINDCO Foundation was conducted on 6th and 7th May 2011. The documentation process and the distribution process was thoroughly studied and appreciated.

June 2011

Children's Exposure Trip to Kodaikanal was organized on June 16. 52 Coaching class students were taken taken to the Shenbaganur Museum, Lake, Pillar rock, Coakers walk, Silver cascade falls and parks. Shenbaganur museum is maintained by the Sacred Heart College – Theological Seminary founded in 1895. It is devoted to archaeological remains and the flora and fauna of the hills. One of the best orchidoriums in the country with more than 300 species of orchids is also housed here. The visit to the museum is of educational importance and the children related the species they saw here with what they study. Children went horse riding, Cycling and enjoyed the trip.

August 2011

Training was conducted for SHG representatives on 6th August, on Book keeping.  The programme aimed to clarify the doubts of the representatives of the women self help groups in maintaining their books of accounts. The representatives are well trained now and they have assured the organization that the accounts of their own group will be maintained by themselves and they will not depend on the field staff for writing their accounts.

Independence Day celebrations were organized in Vaamadam on 15th of August. The Indian flag was hoisted and sweets distributed to the gathering. Games were conducted for the children.

The organization participated in the Hunger strike convened by the IAC, Trichy to join hands against corruption. Our children and women members participated in the Candle Light Rally conducted for an INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. The women and children were given awareness against corruption and they vowed to act against corruption, by not giving bribes and questioning those who are corrupt.

September 2011

Teachers' day was celebrated in our Coaching Class at Kodappu on September 5. To honour the teachers the children organized an event and celebrated the day. They performed dances, skits, sang songs, spoke about Teachers’ Day. The teachers were gifted a momento on their special day.  

We thank these loving children, for making it a memorable day for the teachers. 

Deepavali Celebrations were conducted for the staff on 8th September 2011. Dress, sweets and cash was given to each staff. The best performers received additional incentive too.      Fr. Yesudoss presided over the function.

Thanks to the donor who does not want to get his name publicized, for donating 25 foot balls and 5 volley balls to the Juvenile Home and the Girls' Home in Kellys Chennai on 21.09.2011 through New Life.

October 2011

Medical camps for children were conducted in the month of October. The children were tested for water borne and fecal born diseases, for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The women were tested for anemia. Dr. Satheesh and Dr. Sundari volunteered to conduct the camp. 334 children and 268 women were benefitted.

Miss. Rajvi, a dentist from UK visited our homes in October 2011. She taught about dental cleanliness and safety to the children. The children enjoyed her visit and had a good time playing with her.

November 2011

A short film was shot by a team of volunteers about a day’s incidents in the life of a child supported by us. The same film was posted in the below link:

The organization was nominated as a member in the UT level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee in Puducherry by the Ministry of Rural Development. Now we have an office in Puducherry too and our services are provided to the rural people of Puducherry in fighting  away corruption.  


Our children participated in the Community play mela conducted by the TdH-NL in the MEC, Mathagondapalli. They performed a traditional dance in the mela.

   Leadership training program was conducted on November 20, 2011. The children were given games on communication and trained on leadership skills.

December 2011

Our President shared about the Right


To Information Act with the students of Jamal Mohamed College on 28th December 2011.

Our children celebrated christmas with St. Joseph college students in Trichy on 29.12.2011. The  college students gave entertaining performances and hosted the children with a grand lunch and gave gifts to the children.

January 2012

The Pongal day was celebrated in  Ariyamangalam. The children and women who participated in the event were given the sweet pongal. Traditional games were conducted after that.

Flag was hoisted on 26th of January to celebrate the Republic Day in Vamadam. After flag hoisting a play mela was conducted.

February 2012

Motivation seminar for child labourers was conducted in the month of February 2012 in Kodiyampalayam village. The Director, Regional

Directorate Central Board for Workers Education, Trichy headed the seminar. The children were given talks and fun games were also conducted for them.

March 2012

Meeting for farmers in Pudukottai district was conducted to discuss about the water resource management. 186 farmers attended the meeting and discussed about proper management of water.

The International Women’s Day was celebrated by our women members grandly on the 9th March 2012.

The women representatives, who were wearing green colour dresses to say that they are prospering with New Life, formed a Human Chain near the Trichirappalli Corporation office at 3 p.m. They shouted slogans emphasizing women’s empowerment. After that a rally was conducted. The rally passed through prominent places like the District Court and the Heber’s road.  

The programme started with lighting the lamp. Fun games, dance competition, singing in group, Quiz, etc. were conducted for women and prizes were given. The women staff who have dedicated their time for the women were honoured and Miss New Life 2012 was selected from among the staff.

The women were also given awareness on their legal rights by Mrs. Lakshmi, a lawyer by profession and 4 of our guests shared their experience of how they got into serving the community.

Finally music was played and all

women danced shedding their inhibitions and it was great to see the happiness in their faces while dancing. The programme was a grand success and the women returned homes with happy faces, having enjoyed their day.

The narikuravar community women members participated in the Exhibition NGO India 2012 held in Epicenter, Gurgaon, U. P. and sold their beaded ornaments. The women are very happy to participate in the event.




  1. No Child Labourers in the community we serve.
  2. All children have completed primary education in our community.
  3. All eligible members/groups are engaged in some Income Generation Activity.
  4. Library in all Child Care Centers.
  5. Resource Centre for the target community.
  6. All Members lives covered by Insurance to a minimum of Rs.50000/-
  7. All members of the Staff have a Life Insurance Coverage to a minimum of Rs. 2,00,000/-
  8. Inclusion of the Capacity building of Staff in the organisation’s budget.
  9. Improvement in organizational infrastructure to improve the efficiency of the workforce.
  10. Running a sustainable service Organization committed to our stakeholders              








Trainings Attended:


Name of the Participant

Training/Workshop/ Seminar Attended

Training conducted by

17.06.2011 & 18.06.2011

Mr. C. Peter Rex Charly, Miss. Rajeswari and

Mr. Mansoor

Monitoring tool for different levels of an organisation


25.06.2011 to 27.06.2011

Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi

Assessment Training



Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja

Direct Taxes Code and FCRA: Implications for CSOs

CSO Partners

15.07.2011 to 20.07.2011

Mrs. M. Rajapriya

Preprimary Education



Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja, Mrs. M. Gayathri

Process Audit Feed Back Workshop


08.08.2011 & 09.08.2011

Mrs. S. Kalpana,              Mrs. P. Saraswathi

Assistant Teachers Training


11.08.2011 to 13.08.2011

Mrs. D. Sumathi

Early Stimulation Training


22.08.2011 to 26.08.2011

Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi

Preprimary Teacher Training


23.8.2011 to 26.08.2011

Mrs. M. Gayathri,

Mrs. M. Nithya

Connect IT Workshop

NASSCOM Foundation

25.11.2011 to 27.11.2011

Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja, Mrs. D. Sumathi

Advocacy and Lobbying


15.03.2012 to 17.03.2012

Mrs. F. Beatrice Vanaja, Mrs. D. Sumathi

Trainers training on child exploitation


20.03.2012 to 22.03.2012

Mrs. M. Gayathiri,              Mr. G. Rajkumar

Interpretation of Reports and Internal audit for SHGs













Source of Funds 

Capital Funds 

Share Capital



Corpus Fund



Capital Grant



Reserves & Surpluses



Restricted Funds

Grants Balances       



Loan Funds

Secured Loans



Unsecured Loans



Application of Funds 

Fixed Assets

Gross Assets



Less: Depreciation



Net Assets






Current Assets, Loans and Advances

Sundry Debtors



Cash and Bank Balances



Other Current Assets



Loans and Advances






Statement of Income and Expenditure for the year ended 31st March 2012


Year Ended 31st March





Revenue Grants Received



Interest on Loans



Other Incomes






Personnel Expenses



Operating Expenses



Promotional Expenses



Administrative Expenses






Excess of Income over Expenditure



Add: Last year’s Balance



Balance carried to the Balance Sheet











Statement of Fund Flow for the year ended 31st March 2012


Year Ended 31st March



Sources of Funds



Self Generated



Donations from individuals



Grants from Indian sources



Grants from International sources



Application of Funds






Capital items purchased for beneficiaries






Salaries and benefits



Staff training



Staff travel



Office support expenses






Consultants' fees






Other programme expenses











Number of paid workers in the organisation

No of persons

Regular Full Time


Regular Part Time


Full time contract staff


Part Time contract staff




Other paid members (including paid volunteers)



  1. All directors are volunteers and not included above.


  1. Distribution of Staff according to Salary Levels (as at 31st March 2012)


Slab of gross salary (in Rs) plus benefits paid to staff (per month)

Male staff

Female staff

Total staff

Less than 5000




5,000 – 10,000




10,000 – 25,000




25,000 – 50,000




50,000 – 1,00,000




Greater than 1,00,000





·            Annual payments made to consultants (as at 31st March 2012)

Total annual payments made to consultants (In Rs)

Number of consultants

Less than 5000


5,000 – 10,000


10,000 – 25,000


25,000 – 50,000


50,000 – 1,00,000



  1. Total Cost of National Travel by all staff during the year is Rs. 256006/- (including Rs.34770/- travel expenses to Board members. Air travel is nil)


  1. The Cost of International Travel was born by the association which required consultancy.